The Shoemaker Chair | Werner

The Shoemaker Chair was first produced in Odense, Denmark in 1936. In the 70’s, the design was acquired by the young cabinetmaker Steen Werner and in collaboration with HB Trædrejei, they continued to make the chair to the same high level of craftsmanship as when it was first introduced.

The elegantly shaped seat of The Shoemaker Chair has a soft silky surface and is shaped out of one solid piece of wood. The grain of the wood is unique to each seat, so each chair is an individual piece of Danish design.

The turned legs and the stabilising T connection create a harmonic and aesthetic piece of furniture with strong references to the Nordic design universe.

Dimensions: Available in four heights

No. 42: H 42

No. 49: H 49

No. 69: H 69

Happy Kid: H 27 cm

Materials: Walnut | Solid Oak | Solid Oak with Black or White Seat |Smoked Oak

Designer: Steen Werner

Brand: Werner

Country of origin: Denmark


No 42  – From $620.00

No 49 – From $630.00

No 69 – From $430.00

Happy Kid – From $285.00