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House of Finn Juhl

Ever since we opened our first office in Henrik’s mother’s basement in 1990, our mission has been to create a company rooted in the true passion for good furniture design. The playing field is the cross-section where functional design and craftsmanship of the highest quality meet art. The result is joy of life.

In 1999 we were contacted by the widow of Finn Juhl, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen, with the purpose of creating one of his designs. A sofa for a commemorative exhibition. The idea harmonized perfectly with our ethos as we already admired Finn Juhl greatly. However, at that time, we never imagined that it would be possible to work with his designs, his name or his brand, and we still consider it a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to protect and pass on Finn Juhl’s legacy.

When relaunching Finn Juhl’s furniture we have to put ourselves into his mindset and try to understand him. It is all about feeling. One cannot make his furniture just by having the technical and commercial approach. You have to be extremely critical of what you do, because there is no bottom line when it comes to Finn Juhl. Because his designs are so organic, every single cabinetmaker who manufactured his furniture back in the day, gave their individual expression to the details. We also know that Finn Juhl himself decided on some corrections or variations to the original piece of furniture when he worked with the cabinetmaker in the workshop. Sometimes he did not correct his drawing according to the final result. This is the reason why we often see that older vintage pieces from Niels Vodder or other cabinetmakers vary from the original drawings.

Our collection takes its starting point both in the original drawings as well as the older original pieces from his house, private collections or museums. In some cases we have to imagine what Finn Juhl would have done. This part of our job is perhaps the most demanding, but it is also very interesting. Finn Juhl’s lifework is a treasure and there are many more unique designs in the archive for which we have big plans in the years to come.


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