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Naver Collection

Since 1995, Naver Collection, in collaboration with Danish designers such as Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen, Henrik Lehm, Hans Sandgren and Susanne Grønlund, has made a name for itself nationally and internationally. The entire Naver furniture collection is produced in its own factories in Denmark by cabinetmakers who know that it is detail that makes the difference.

The spirit of traditional craftsmanship, where young cabinetmakers from Scandinavia called “Navere” travelled to discover the world and improve their skills, lives on in the Naver Collection. Our team of dedicated cabinetmakers has the same love for their craft. Although the approach is the same as then, Naver always works with new technology and design, using the most advanced machinery along with traditional craftsmanship. Every piece of furniture is assembled and finished by hand.