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Skipper Furniture

Skipper Furniture was founded 1955 by manufacturer Svend Skipper and has been producing Daish made seating furniture for two generations.

Located close to the inlet Limfjorden in the North of Denmark, we develop and produce sofas and chairs for private clients as well as professional buyers demanding a high degree of comfort, design and quality.

Right from the start of the product idea quality must be part of the project – quality within the purpose, shape, function, method as well as in the material. Quality can never be a separate factor being attached afterwards.

In order to maintain a homogeneous and high quality of our products we always select raw materials of the best quality available. It is our aim, too, to select locally produced materials when this is possible. The fact that we produce all our furniture in Denmark implies itself a high quality. That many of our suppliers are located close to us we regard as an increased possibility of delivering products complying with the client’s expectations and products being of the highest possible quality.

Our promise of highest possible quality is confirmed by 6 years’ warranty against manufacturing defects on material and construction.