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Spring Copenhagen


Spring Copenhagen is a Danish design company with roots in Scandinavian design tradition. We make a simple but clear promise: to inspire a better everyday life.

Our name refers to the season when everything grows, but also to a sense of rejuvenation, renewal and a celebration of budding ideas. We want to create products that can become new classics and inspire people around the world to live better everyday lives. Everyday design at everyday prices, created for all those who appreciate design. We want to inspire you and help you create beautiful spaces, whether in your home, workplace or restaurant. A comfortable home, with the feeling of togetherness, community – a place to relax.

At the heart of our business is passion. We are constantly moving forward by continuously innovating and improving. Spring Copenhagen’s goal is to create products that have the potential to become new classics that age gracefully and are passed down through generations.

Great stories, great quality and great craftsmanship are key elements in our development of meaningful, usable and timeless designs. Designs that are priced affordably so that most people can enjoy them.

Our unique portfolio includes designs from the 1930s to the present, developed in collaboration with famous, forgotten, unknown and up-and-coming designers and idea-makers.