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True North Designs


Established in 2016, True North Designs develops, manufactures and distributes furniture to an audience, that appreciates good design and high quality furniture at home as well as in the workplace.

True North Designs furniture is equally suited to home and office use and is made in a way that, in principle, will allow clients to pass it on to the next generation or let it find a new life on the second hand market.

In the words of True North Designs:
Wood is the key component in our furniture, as we find it to be both noble in character as well as sustainable by nature. We have a mission to renew the Nordic design tradition, but we are acutely aware and humble of the heritage that we carry with us, from those who came before us.

We are not part of the “New Nordic” movement, but find our audience amongst those who appreciate a somewhat more classical approach to the Nordic design tradition.

Britta Larsen & Martin Egede Colberg