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Helsidet billede

Susanne Grønlund

Using a simple, intuitive form language, Susanne Grønlund exposes the Scandinavian design traditions. She builds upon simple expressions and adds a touch of humor to the traditional elements. Among contemporary Danish designers, Susanne Grønlund is renowned, not only for her strong sense of form, but also for her great touch with materials that mirror and reinforce the designs themselves.

With her own design studio in Copenhagen since 1991, Susanne Grønlund approaches design in a pragmatic way – as an aesthetic exercise in craftsmanship. Starting a new project, she often develops drafts and prototypes, directly in the materials themselves, creating physical models in her studio – models, which eventually turn into unique designs. To Susanne Grønlund it is vital that each design has functionality in addition to beauty. She won’t settle until design and function are integrated in a unique form.

Susanne Grønlund designs for leading Scandinavian brands including Magnus Olesen, Stouby, RBM Furniture and Fredericia.

Products by Susanne Grønlund