AK 6-9-14 Mirrors | Naver Collection

The mirrors have a finely detailed, solid wood frame with the mirror going all the way to the edge allowing optimal utilization of the size of the frame. The minimalist design makes it easy to place the mirrors in most interiors, ideal to use in the hallway, bedroom, over a dresser or where you think it fits.

AK 6-9-14 mirrors are designed by Nissen & Gehl MDD.

View your preferred mirror comnbination here on the Naver Collection configurator.

Timber frame: Ash | Oak | Black stained ash/oak | Walnut


AK 6: 60 x 60 cm
AK 9: 60 x 45 cm
AK 14: 145 x 45 cm

Brand: Naver Collection

Country of origin: Denmark

Price: AK 9 from $868