Botanica Vase 14.5 cm | Kahler Design

The small art vase from Kähler can adorn both as an aesthetic design object and a graceful vase. Botanica Mini is a sweet series of miniature vases, created in the same fascinating matching colours and wondrous matching sizes as the voluminous design vases from the same series. Let the vases’ enigmatic and almost indefinable colour universes compliment each other and be an eye catcher in the window, on the coffee or dining table.

Every single Botanica vase is unique due to the reactive glaze which makes the colors vary, and makes the expression very vivid.

Material: Glazed porcelain

Colour: Grey green

Dimensions: H 14.5 cm

Designers: Bache and Bendix Becker

Brand: Kähler Design

Price: $60


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