EAT Oval Dining Table | Via CPH

EAT Oval is a Danish dining table series handmade by Via CPH Denmark. Tables are available in fixed top and extension table versions with 2 extension leaves.

Made by Via Copenhagen in Denmark, EAT is a responsive and versatile series of dining tables made from solid timber with a number of different surface, edge and leg options. The legs are easily mounted onto our custom-made brackets, also made in Denmark from 4mm solid, powder coated steel. The heavy duty brackets also serve as the main support of the table which eliminates the need for a noticeable supporting construction resulting in a light and airy expression of the dining table.

When you have found your own EAT dining table combination, then – and just then – the skilled craftsmen at Via Cph make it for you in their workshop in Præstø, Denmark. In this way, we ensure that only the essential natural resources are consumed.

Table Surface Options:

Solid Timber:  Oak Oil | Oak White Oil |Oak Soap | Smoked Oak

Laminate: 15 colours | Linoleum: 5 colours

Leg Options: Oak Oil | Oak White Oil |Oak Soap | Smoked Oak | Beech | Black

Edge Options: Oak Oil | Oak White Oil |Oak Soap | Smoked Oak


Eat Oval Fixed Top Table L 160 cm x 100 cm x H 73 cm

Eat Oval Extension Table L 160 – 258 cm x H 73 cm. Extension leaf W 49 cm.

Custom sizing is available.

Brand: Via Cph

Country of origin: Denmark

Price: Fixed Top $3,250 | Extension Table $3,500 | 1 x extension leaf $1,000, 2 x extension leaves $1,500