Kurt Østervig Sideboard and Wall Cabinet | Dyrlund

Kurt Østervig Collection sideboard and display cabinet made by Dyrlund, Denmark. Solid oak soap treated throughout featuring sliding doors with rebated handles. The sideboard is available on legs or can be wall-mounted. The wall-mounted display cabinet features solid oak-framed glass sliding doors with rebated handles.

Model: Sideboard 0179-1 | Wall Cabinet 0178-2

Materials : Solid oak

Dimensions: Sideboard L 180 cm x D 50 cm x H 85 cm | Wall cabinet L 180 cm x D 35 cm x H 50 cm

Brand: Dyrlund

Kurt Østervig

Country of origin: Denmark

Price: Sideboard with legs $9,725 – Solid oak soap | Wall cabinet $5,250 Solid oak soap