MH Cloud | Mogens Hansen

MH Cloud was developed in 2020, in close collaboration between Generous Design by Claus C. Simonsen, with the production and development department at Mogens Hansen.

The combined knowledge and skill led to the design of MH Cloud, which upholds the necessary comfort, durability and quality for which Mogens Hansen is so celebrated. With its enveloping and elegant form, MH Cloud is set to join the list of renowned furniture classics by Mogens Hansen. 

MH Cloud is best enjoyed from all angles and as such, lends itself to being placed anywhere within a room. The design is organically formed with soft round shapes and unrivalled sitting comfort. The chair invites you to sink into the soft upholstery, whether reading the newspaper or a good book, watching television or chatting with friends.

‘The hardest task in design is to unite beauty and comfort  – with CLOUD we achieved exactly that. The key is the fine cooperation with Mogens Hansen Denmark A/S. With their curiosity, hughes knowledge and craftsmanship, we did shape the soft sculptural lines of CLOUD and created a lounge chair with generous comfort and spacial beauty.’ ~ Claus C. Simonsen

Upholstery: Fabric or leather

Frame: Oak or walnut

Dimensions: Available upon request

Brand: Mogens Hansen

Designer: Claus C. Simonsen (Generous Design)

Year of design: 2020

Country of origin: Denmark

Price: POA