PV Lounge Chair | Klassik Studio | Poul Volther

The PV Lounge Chair was Poul M. Volther’s personal chair, the one he sat in after a long day. And no wonder why. This chair comfortably compliments your body structure with a charismatic exposed wooden frame and saddle leather. Poul Volther proved that neither design nor comfort need be compromised when he designed this genius lounge chair in 1952.

Materials: Variations: Soaped oak & natural leather, black stained & black leather, smoked oak & black leather

Dimensions: H 80 cm x W 68 cm x D 90 cm. Seat height: 35 cm

Designer: Poul Volther

Brand: Klassik Studio

Country of origin: Denmark

Year of design: 1952

Price: From $6,600 (Oak/Natural leather)