Vintage Provence Bowl | Holmegaard

Sapphire blue vintage Provence glass bowl, by Danish glass artist Per Lutken. Ca.1956 -1960s. Made by Holmegaard, Denmark. In excellent condition

The Provence bowl was created by accident in 1956. Lutken was trying to create a glass cone, but somehow forgot to let the steam out of the molten glass. The result was flat like a plate and Lutken used it to create his classic bowl. In the 1950s, Per Lutken and his glassblowers developed a technique for blowing glass using the steam from a wet wooden pin, inserted into a gather of molten glass, a technique used in many Holmegaard pieces.

Brand: Holmegaard

Country of origin: Denmark

Size: Ø 33cm x H 10cm

Price: $330